Month: July 2019

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Setting Trends!

Trendy has got out of bed early to create an original Aussie cocktail for our French farewell on Sunday night….

Come in Sunday night and have a drink with Audrey and taste Trendy’s cocktail original ‘The Audrey’!

🇫🇷Adieu ma fille! 🇫🇷

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Trending with Trendy

A @FinleyCountryClub Original…

We have improved the Chi Chi and created the Phoe-BE C C.

Named after Our guest delectorial mixilator Phoebe (pictured with our host).

“The Trend” says – Take me back to my first cruise!!! It’s an orgasm on the high seas. Sun, surf and shuffle board make up this clever concoction of Malibu, Cointreau, Pineapple Juice and Cream.
Five food groups in one drink. What more do you need from a luscious libation.

That’s a wow, Wow, ALOHAAAA WOW.

If you are trying to impress don’t digress and invest in this as an aparitif

On the lounge lizard scale 4.95!
His best yet!

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It’s happy birthday to trendy’s tastette today. Trendy wanted a cocktail that encapsulates the birthday girl Sue.

The Margarita!

Like the birthday girl, this little Mexican number is spicy and sassy
It’s lick sip suck all in one glass
Trendy says the salt and alcohol hits at the same time is something he’s not used to. But he likes it!!!
Muchas gracias Madison for making this summer stinger in the middle of July

And like Sue, Trendy has rated the margarita 4.8 out of 5 on the lounge lizard scale

#FinleyCountryClub #FinleyCC #TrendingWithTrendy #Margarita #BirthdayDrinks #LoungeLizardScores

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