Month: August 2019

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Parma Tuesday
This Tuesday night is Parma Tuesday!
Same great Parma from just $20…

Sample something new with our great range of alternatives:
And lots more!!

Be there Tuesday Night for some Taste Bud Delights!

#FinleyCountryClub #ParmaTuesday #ParmaRange #Hawaiian #Mexican #Bacon #Original #TastyDelights

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With Trendy’s imminent debut in dancing with the stars, he has asked the country club for a cocktail to mark the occasion.

‘Jive Talking’ has answered his prayers.

Bacardi, zambuca, and blue curaçao, takes him into the realm of dance and whimsy.

The steel drums of the West Indies meets zorbas bouzouki, surround by the Viennese Waltz of the Danube

It’s rhythm and movement all in one glass..

Lounge lizard scale is rock and rolling at 4.4

#FinleyCountryClub #TrendingWithTrendy #FeelTheRhythm #FeelTheRhyme #ItsJiveTalkingTime #GetTrendy #LoungeLizard

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Trending is back on Sunday night!

It’s Finley cold in Finley tonight so Mads has made Trendy a ‘Sweet Madison’

Soft and fluffy at first taste, but with a backbone of sass.
What better to snuggle up to in front of the fire.
Tia Maria, Bourbon and Ice Cream

It’s George Thorogood meets Taylor Swift. Its bad to the bone meets shake it off.

It’s Trendy’s new fave with a lounge lizard rating if 4.2.

The lady’s will love it and so does Trendy.

#FinleyCountryClub #TrendingAtTheCountryClub #GetTrendy #SweetMadison #SweetButSassy #SassyTrends

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What’s new at the country club this weekend

You could start with hearty Pea & Ham Soup?
What about individual Beef Wellington?
Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni?
Crusted Salmon?
Chicken Scallopini?
Lansbury Shank Thai Green Curry?

Bring it home with
Home Made Apple 🍎 Crumble
Mixed Berry Crepes 🥞

Make it a tasty Saturday or Sunday!

Better to book than to miss out!

Also Trendy Crow live Saturday night 8pm – Close

#FinleyCountryClub #NewMenu #LiveMusic #TrendyCrow #BetterBook #GetYaTasteBudsRacing #SaturdayNight @ Finley Country Club

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