Month: September 2019

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Our newest cocktailator
‘Chasers with Chelsie ‘, welcomes her first evening stint with a huge konichiwa !!

And introducing trendy to the land of cherry blossom and Pokémon, with her ‘Japanese Slipper’. Midori, Cointreau and lemon juice.

This is a summer thirst quencher, with its citrus undertones and easy drinking!

Trendy said to give that extra punch, use blood orange Cointreau- WOW!!

Lifts the Japanese slipper to a 6 inch stiletto and tight party dress

Lounge Lizard scale 4.5 for the slipper 4.84 for the stiletto 🇯🇵🍸🍹🥿👠

#FinleyCountryClub #FinleyCC #JapaneseSlipper #TrendingWithTrendy #OnTrend #GetSippingOnThatSlipper #StilettoUpgrages #LoungeLizards

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Congratulations Breanne Cleve

Congratulations Breanne Cleve
No one alive has seen Gary’s first dollar
It was earned in 1816!!!
You win the $20 voucher

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Trendy had a big day at the Murray league grand final Saturday and needed a pick me up to get through the week…

Like the leagues major sponsor, we kept an ‘Eagle Eye’ out for something special.
What better than a secret super charged Nespresso martini, we now call the ‘Teresa’
And Trendy says it is a mother of a libation

Take the normal mix of vodka Kalhua and Coffee and swing in a pinch of Apres Ski, that’s butterscotch snaps

You’ll be given that bit of a tickle and slap to get you ready for the rest of the night

So strap in for the first and you’ll be jiving and lip syncing for the rest of the night!

Trendy believes the Teresa is sinner not a saint and the ideal start to the weekend

Lounge lizard scale 4.74

#FinleyCountryClub #Teresa #ThatLoungeLizard #GetBuzzing #KickItInToTheWeekend #TrendingWithTrendy #GetTrendy

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How did Gary lose the top of his finger, really?
$20 gift voucher for the best answer
Entries close Friday..

I want how did he did it
‘Theo – Jim saw him opening the till!’

And the best pun!
E.g there’s something different about you Gaz, but I can’t put my finger on it, oh… neither can you!!!

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Trendy is celebrating the spring ‘cherry blossom’ in Finley, along with an introduction to Jackie’s dad, Panda and our mixing maestro Madi Sun to review the little known Cocki…… the ‘Bamboo’

Vermouth, Sherry and pimms Originally mixed in the land of the rising sun, added spice to the spice trade.
Trendy was bamboo- zled with the flavour.

European mixers in Japan?
Not trendy’s favourite and rates 3.2 on the lounge lizard scale

#FinleyCountryClub #TrendingWithTrendy #TheBamboo #LowScaledLizard #NonTrend #CocktailSundays

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The gig is complete,The guitarist replete
It’s Sunday night, Not feeling so tight
Refreshing and citrus the day is complete, The midoori illusion brings summer into spring
And Alexis has made the front bar sing…

What better way to get over a big night than zing and a hefty portion of triple sec and vodka
One will do on a Sunday, but a good 3 or 4 sounds divine on a lazy summer Sunday Trendy day surprised, with a lounge lizard rating of 4.75

#FinleyCountyClub #Midoorillusion #TrendingWithyTrendy #GetOnTrend #ThoseLoungeLizardScores #TasteTheTrend Craig Hendy

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Be on trend! Get down to the @finleycountryclub from 8pm tonight and check out our main cocktail lounge lizard Craig “Trendy” Hendy playing some #livemusic for some Saturday fun! Looking forward to seeing you all here! #LiveMusic #Finleycountryclub #SaturdayNight #GetTrendy #SingTheNightAway @ Finley Country Club Craig Hendy

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Trendy says “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!”

Inspired by the class of 89 reunion here last night, Trendy has decided to reignite the passion for that traditional 80’s legopner, the Fluffy Duck 🦆

Give your squeeze two of these and you could back a happy ending to a great night.

Advokaat, rum, cream and lemonade, it rounds out the triumvirate, Grasshopper, Alexander, and Fluffy Duck!

Trendy loves it and so will the darl (and so will you!).

Lounge Lizard 🦎 Rating 4.9

STOP PRESS: Trendy is Trending LIVE, this Saturday…. With dance floor!!

All three cocktails will be here, made fresh just for you. Trendy says $12 each all night!!!

See Trendy, taste the cocktails, have fun. Get down to the @finleycountryclub Saturday 7th September for a good time.

#FinleyCountryClub #FluffyDuck #LoungeLizard #MetTheTrendSetter #TasteTheCocktails #JoinTheFun Craig Hendy

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