Month: January 2020

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With the devastating effects of the fire disasters we hope we can lighten the mood just a little with the ‘Fireman’s Sour’….
….Or as I would like to call it ‘ Nicks Mum’!
John and Maree have driven from Goondiwindi
just to meet Trendy, Who could blame them?!
And welcome Crawf, one of Finley’s finest, for a few days R and R. Down the gym and working off the Xmas cheer (maybe needs to do another 10 mins extra 🙂)
To the drink:
Grenadine spiced rum lime juice and sugar syrup
Trendy found it cheeky and sweet. Tastes like a blush on a first dates kiss
Lounge lizard rating 4.4 🦎

#FinleyCountryClub #FiremansSour #GetTrendy #OnTrendy #CocktailHour

Thanks John and Maree, your input was considered yet discarded
And crawf, we could have lifted your profile

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